UVC Disinfection Systems:

Codem Environmental is the UK’s leading partner for Luxibel UVC disinfection systems. Specifically designed to for quick, simple surface disinfection, ensuring your facilities are bacterial, fungus, mould and now importantly, COVID-19 free.

NEW Portable EosTower

The EosTower is a product innovation by Codem Environmental to bring you a fully portable disinfection system. Find out more

All Luxibel products are made in Europe with high quality, Philips light sources proven to kill COVID-19

B Air

Suitable for environments that require continual air disinfection, this indirect UVC air disinfection unit can clean the air every 15 minutes ensuring it is bacteria and virus free.[More]

B Direct

B Direct provides a quick and efficient way of disinfecting air and surfaces in between uses. Available in single and dual light tubes covering from 22m² – 35m². More]

B Hybrid

B Hybrid combines the continual air disinfection power of the B Air with the surface disinfection capabilities of B Direct into one complete package. [More]

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