The EosTower is a product innovation by Codem Environmental to bring you a fully portable disinfection device.

Featuring 4 x Luxibel B Direct to ensure fast and efficient disinfection of surfaces, eliminating bacteria, viruses and fungal and mold spores in the air.

The portable design comes complete with a rechargable battery pack, meaning the EosTower can be used in almost any situation and quickly and easily moved from room to room. It can last for 2.5 hours in full operation mode between charges.

Ideal for use anywhere where there is a need to quickly and efficiently clean the air and surfaces within enclosed spaces after each use, such as meeting rooms, hotel rooms, co-working spaces, doctor/dentist treatment rooms and many more.

  • Disinfects air and surface up to 22 m²
  • Disinfection time < 15 min
  • Wavelength of 254nm (UVC)
  • 4 x Luxibel B Direct systems
  • Lighting head swivels through 360 degrees
  • Internal rechargable battery with 2.5 hours continuous runtime and 3 hours to recharge
  • Remote arming key with delayed start
  • Audible alarm and visible indicator lights
  • Motion detector shutdown

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