B Cannon

Indirect UVC air disinfection unit

B Cannon is a high volume air disinfection unit for large scale venues. Its high air flow capacity and very high internal UVC disinfection makes it the perfect solution to disinfect large venues like concert & exhibition halls, sports arenas, shopping malls, production facilities, airports & trainstations.

B Cannon is safe for operation in the presence of people and animals. No UVC radiation escapes from the unit due to the use of light traps that block UVC light whilst allowing air to pass through.

  • Fan capacity: 12.000m3/h
  • Fan noise level: 95 dB
  • Wavelength of 254nm (UVC)
  • Mounting: standing or hanging
  • Recommended uptime: 24h
  • Can be used with the MADS system to create airflow (Optional)

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