Do you need to provide a safe, COVID-19 free environment for your staff and customers?

Codem Environmental is the UK’s leading partner for Luxibel UVC disinfection systems.

Products have been specifically designed to allow for both continual air disinfection as well as quick, simple surface disinfection, when required. Working together, these systems can ensure your facilities are bacterial, fungus, mould and now importantly, COVID-19 virus free.

Watch this short video to find out more about how the Luxibel systems work.

Flexible product range tailored to your requirements

If you need the peace of mind of continual air disinfection, for example in areas where people gather and socialise such as cafes, co-working spaces or factory environments, then the Luxibel B Air system that filters out the air every 15 minutes, removing any bacteria and viruses may be what you need.

Alternatively, you may be looking for the ability to provide a quick and efficient way of disinfecting surfaces within enclosed spaces after each use, ready for the new occupant, such as meeting rooms, hotel rooms, co-working spaces or doctor/dentist treatment rooms, here the Luxibel B Direct system may be for you.

Or for ultimate peace of mind, the Luxibel B Hybrid system features the functionality to both continually clean the air, whilst providing bursts of surface cleaning when needed.

NEW Portable EosTower

The EosTower is a product innovation by Codem Environmental to bring you a fully portable disinfection system. Find out more

All Luxibel UVC products feature Phillips bulbs that have been proven to kill COVID-19. Find out more

B Air

This indirect UVC air disinfection unit can clean the air every 15 minutes ensuring it is bacteria and virus free.[More]

B Direct

B Direct provides a quick and efficient way of disinfecting air and surfaces in between uses. Available in single and dual light tubes covering from 22m² – 35m². More]

B Hybrid

B Hybrid combines the continual air disinfection power of the B Air with the surface disinfection capabilities of B Direct into one complete package. [More]

Whatever your requirements, talk to Codem Environmental today to find out how Luxibel disinfection systems can help get your business back up and running.